SWOT Analysis

Swot Analysis is considered to be a classic tool among the quanti-qualitative ones for strategic organizational analysis. Short for Strengths (Fortalezas), Weaknesses (Debilidades), Opportunities (Oportunidades), Threats (Amenazas).


These terms can be briefly defined in the following way to understand them and use them:


Strengths: Internal factors about a business that can be looked upon as advantages that increase its quality, effectiveness and efficiency.


Opportunities: Potential areas for expansion of the business that include market expanding and possibilities of growth and profits.


Weaknesses: Factors that reduce the performance or hinder the optimal development of a business.


Threats: These are external factors about a business: conditions and strengths of competitors that may be an obstacle for the optimal development and performance according to the business aims.


SWOT in Communication Management: Key Aspects


The key point that makes this tool successful when applied to the generation of organizational strategies, is that it combines complementary categories


Internal: Involving strengths and weaknesses;

External: Involving opportunities and threats.


In this context, the key issues to be considered in the area of Communication Management for Organization are:


Image Developing Strategy and Institutional Communication strategy.


Visual Identification System.


Circuits and Systems of Internal and External Communication.


Characterization of Organizational Culture.


Communication Channels and Support for


Internal and External Communication.


Advertising Communication.


Press Relations.


Crisis Communication Strategy.


Human Resources Policy.


Market Analysis / Competition.


Creation of Products and Services Portfolio


Finally the SWOT worksheet should be drawn. It is simply a table divided into four sectors, each of them will contain the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the business in a list organized and classified in order of importance, from 1 to 10. 1 and 2 should be the key issues to be considered for strategic planning.

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