Company’s Annual Report

It is an official document, a synthetic and positive summary of the activities (industrial, commercial, financial, social) of the Organization. The design and diffusion of this annual report is mandatory for publicly traded companies, partnerships and public institutions.


The principles guiding its implementation are those contained in the production of a Press Kit.


There are some basic things to keep in mind for its preparation: a statement or letter from the President as an introduction to the document, an organization chart of the Board, some short term data of the organization’s environment and the market in which it operates, a management report of the last period, a financial report, a narrative report of the various professional activities and significant decisions made by the Company, the resolutions adopted by the General Assemblies, the mandatory administrative information as well as short-term, mid-term and long term projects and prospects of the Organization.


The Annual Report is distributed essentially to external publics of the organization: Shareholders, Partners (Suppliers, Customers, Representatives), Representative Organizations (Local Authorities, Political Bodies) and journalists. It can also be distributed to staff as an internal communication action.


 This report is not only a “required” working document but also the expression of the organization’s image. Therefore, the style must be fluent and simple to be accessible to non-specialists.

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