Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring is a technique to keep track of the media performance of a person, an organization, an advertising campaign, a brand, etc. in regional, national or local sources of information, either in print or digital format , for further quantitative and qualitative analysis.


The Media Monitoring results are applicable to marketing and press campaigns, as well as research work done in Social Studies.


Media Monitoring, is usually performed by private companies that provide these services to other businesses, government agencies, organizations and individuals, on a daily, monthly, weekly subscription basis. They receive copies of the printed - commonly known as News Clipping – and digital material filed during that period together with observation reports, content analysis, etc.


Currently, traditional monitoring by technicians called “viewers” is combined with cutting edge technologies that allow scanning, recording and saving emerging issues, contents, television spots, advertising campaigns etc. into a database by using keywords and different search and tracking criteria which help to widen the base of the media to be analyzed. 


With the rise of digital media such as: internet, blogs, virtual communities, etc.., the development of specific software applied to media monitoring has become very important due to the exponential increase of available contents and interactions.


For media professional, access to those enormous volumes of information, in constant circulation, in real-time is very important as they need to strengthen with statistical data and empirical support both their strategic vision and their daily work.

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