Public Affairs

It refers to the action of strategic relationship between private institutions and the public sphere.


Unlike lobby (which refers to the specific steps for the resolution of a key issue of interest) or institutional relations (which only covers the formal relations between organizations and the State), Public Affairs refer to all those interactions with National, State, Provincial, Departmental and Municipal Governments and with Local Communities to develop the company´s Influence and Public Reputation in a sustainable manner.


From the Communication Risk Management point of view, it is very important to monitor public actions, government initiatives, bills, global and sectoral regulations of a tax, labor, official publications, etc., to anticipate and assess the opportunities and consequences for our organization and its market.


For Crisis Communication Management, having quality relationships with all the executive, legislative and judicial dimensions of a country at all levels is key to reduce damage. Without these relationships, our ability to avoid damages is significantly limited.


That is the reason why having a professional communication management dedicated to Public Affairs is fundamental for the Institutional Communication Management of our organization.

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