Even though it emerged in the 70’s as a Latin term referring to activities related to financing sports, nobody paid too much attention to it until the mid-80’s.


Sponsorship is a highly demanding communication technique in its three critical stages: defining the objectives, choosing the support and tracking the “effects” of the media coverage.


Actually, it provides comparative advantages to the classical purchase of ads space enlarging the screen time of the brand image during the sponsored programme.


By using this technique, the Organization is willing to attract consumers’ attention and consequently increase their buying impulses. Thus sponsors combine marketing actions with sales promotion campaigns.


Sport is a privileged field of action due to its strong emotional content and the positive values it conveys. If the event is carefully chosen and it produces a good impact, the brand and / or product will enjoy the benefits faster than with an advertising campaign.


As far as Internal Communication within the organization is concerned, this technique can work on the emotional mobilization of human resources. Regarding the whole staff, the sponsored event can be used as food for thought and motivation. For example, if a collective activity is sponsored, the idea of success associated with team spirit, can be promoted.


Applications: Organization Charity Challenges; Sponsorship of Free Shows; Development of Funds raising campaigns in Mass media ( e.g.” The Teletones”); Sponsoring Olympic Athletes, etc. 

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