Press Meal

Press Meals usually takes place in the organization`s own Meeting Room,Lounges or special locations for Private Eventsand the aim is todisseminate specific information to a restricted number of journalistsand representatives of the Press and the Media.


The list of guests is exclusive since every journalist should be selected and invitations are personally addressed.


Organizing such an event is not as complex as organizing a Press Conference. However, the organization’s Press Areamay encounter difficulties in setting a date for its performance that is convenient for everyone´s agenda.


This tool guarantees fluid contact with press and media members, for which all the details prior to its realization must be taken care of. For this reason, a guide must be taken into account in your organization so as not to lose sight of the event goals.



“Informality” constitutes an important aspect to be taken into account when establishing or strengthening contact with the Press and Media. The relaxed atmosphere that characterizes these meetings allows the Company to create a close link with a group of journalists in a different, more natural environmentwhich can be rewarding for both parts involved.

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