Advertising Report

It is an article that has the format of a press report and which is going to be published in an advertising space purchased by the Organization. To avoid confusion with other articles, the Advertising Report must be preceded by a special mention clarifying that this is an advertisement or a press release. 


In terms of structure, it follows the layout of any newspaper article: title, header, main message, and development in several paragraphs, conclusion and opening to other perspectives or future projects. If the article is long and complex, it is useful to introduce subtitles for faster reading.


It can be written within the Organization by the Press Area or be entrusted to external editors. In the latter case, the Organization can choose between two possibilities: 


The first one is to engage an Advertising Agency to write an article ready to be published;


The second one is to entrust the preparation of the article to the same mean that is going to publish it. This solution guarantees the quality of the product and a proper insertion in the media vehicle.


When purchasing the advertising space, the Organization schedules, in advance, the publication date. This will coincide - most of the time - with the publication of a Special Dossier closely related to the subject developed in the Support Columns. The more the report is based on the body of the article, the greater its impact. To do so, the editing process should be carefully carried out, adding illustrations, photos, graphs, etc. to enrich the presentation.


The Advertising Report is an effective tool to convey a complex or compromising message.  For the reader, it is more objective than an advertisement and for the Organization; it is more "flexible" than a newspaper article where information is handled by a journalist.

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