Media Coaching

In order to avoid problems in the relations with the Press, nowadays Organizations have implemented training or coaching programmes for their employees. This training is known as Media Coaching.


Media Coaching involves providing tools and information to members of an organization to give answers and inform the public through the Media. Thus the relationship with the Press should be privileged.


For example, training implies doing exercises in which the potential organizational spokespeople, selected according to the degree of public exposure of their working area, participate in mock interviews during which they have to face situations of different complexity: one-on-one interview, panel interview, press conference, at the door of the headquarters of the organization, in a TV or radio studio, online etc.. The recorded results of different exercises allow trainers to conduct general and individual monitoring of the various potential spokespeople of the targeted organization.


In addition, Media Coaching is particularly effective for times when an institution is facing a crisis and/or difficult incidents.


The tool is designed to ensure that that company’s spokespeople develop their credibility as communicators and deliver messages effectively.


Thus, a well trained press spokesperson will tend to reduce any negative impact and the unfavorable publicity that it may cause by safeguarding the company’s prestige.



When training these "spokespeople", interviews and press conferences are simulated, with the participation of professional journalists.

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