Direct Marketing

It is a communication technique that identifies consumers’ needs and sets strategies to supply goods and services to different market segments using different channels and media communication supports that facilitate interactive communication and / or direct feedback from potential or actual customers.


The key in Direct Marketing is the personal and direct contact with the target audience. Such contact can be established by telephone, by e-mail, through printed or digital coupons that are delivered by hand during events, promotions, in point of sale, etc., or are included in mass media: the point is to get feedback.


Customers’ feedback generates inputs to analyze results and make assessments and if necessary, make necessary adjustments to the Direct Marketing campaigns implemented, that generally combine more than one channel and support to generate greater synergy and ability to reach and get feedback from target audiences.


The Direct Marketing has a highly complementary relationship with Advertising as well as with other Marketing tools and techniques. Although it shares many features with them, its logistics advantage over the latter is related to their low costs, quick implementation and high performance in assessing results due to the fact that it has limited and specific objectives concerning a target public.


Direct Marketing Campaigns


For the implementation of a Direct Marketing Campaign it would be useful to:


Have a good and comprehensive database of people to be segmented according to the communication objectives of the campaign.


Design and write down the right message for the above mentioned objectives.


Select the channels and interactive media that best suit the campaign to be developed.


Organize and train a sales force according to the ongoing Direct Marketing campaign.


Monitor continuously the implementation of the campaign to adjust components (such as e.g. Handling objections) in real time.


Currently this application is not restricted to the business area, its tools have been adapted to the communication strategy of different kind of organizations.



Applications: Marketing Communications, Development of Business and Product Portfolio, Customers’ Loyalty, Strengthen Sales Techniques, Product Technical Support, Payment Confirmation, Customers’ loyalty, Training Sales Force, Online Sales, etc.

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