Communicólogos is a project that has been working on the first Encyclopedia of Communication Studies, applied to Management of Organizations since March 2003.


The contents are organized by categories: Theories, Techniques and Skills. 


Like most web sites, it is a Book of Sand. 


Like most group of elements which intend to form a discipline, it will have as many accuracies and inaccuracies as Borges’ Chinese Encyclopedia, entitled “Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge”, which divided all the beasts of the world into the following categories: 


a.       Those that belong to the emperor

b.      Embalmed ones

c.       Those that are trained

d.      Suckling pigs

e.      Mermaids (or Sirens)

f.        Fabulous ones

g.       Stray dogs

h.      Those that are included in this classification

i.         Those that tremble as if they were mad

j.        Innumerable ones

k.       Those drawn with a very fine camel hair brush

l.         Etcetera. 


En-cyclo-pedia, agkuklios paidea: refers to organizing and permanently articulating different points of view that are needed to develop our discipline rather than a learning that puts knowledge in a circle and implies going beyond the mere accumulation of elements sorted in alphabetical order or linked to a field.


Our main aim is to contribute to the construction of a community of scholar-scientists that will involve all those who are related to Communication Management: Students, Technicians, Graduates, Teachers, Researchers and Professionals.


We are also interested in the creation of the increasingly necessary spaces for research and reflection on Theories, Approaches, and Schools of Thoughts, Methodologies, Techniques, Models and Tools that are required in our professional work. Our interaction will contribute to its development.


Comunicólogos wants to provide a space for research, exchange and debate about the development of inter - multi - transdisciplinary contents in Communication Studies.


The Comunicólogos Team


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