Communication Management Manual

In the area of traditional management, the design, development and implementation of detailed procedures manuals to be followed when performing a set of tasks, or manufacturing a product, etc. is very common. In this context, the development of Procedure Manuals, from a methodological point of view, is directly associated with the concept of Algorithm: a specific set of instructions for carrying out a computational procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps.


When analyzing the development of procedure manuals from a communicational perspective, it is convenient to consider:


Visualizing the entire process that is going to be regulated.


Analyze and distinguish among alternatives, contexts, contingencies and possible and probable situations that may arise.


Draw a Flow Chart of the mentioned process.


Translate / Write down in short, clear sentences the different steps of the process that is going to be regulated.


Conduct field tests of the first draft of the manual using role playing and other participatory simulation techniques with representative members of the various levels of the targeted organization.


Produce a final draft, which should be rather comprehensive to accept future changes or innovations.


Submit a Print Version (Designed with its own Cover, Index, Chapters, etc) to the Senior Managers of the targeted Organization.


When the information flow is blocked, this means, that there is little exchange, lack of clarity on what is stated, disorder due to an excess or lack of channels that ensure effective circulation, results are often irreversible.


Understanding amongst people turns out to be the basis for the construction of social commitment with a participatory approach. That is why circulation of information must have two essential ingredients: transparency and consistency between words and actions.


In today's world more than ever “to be and to seem to be” are important. Globalization does not necessarily imply homogenization or stiffening of images and actions: Kindness goes beyond the "May I help you?" at McDonalds.

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