Advertising Brief

The Advertising Brief is a communicational tool that helps to prepare an Executive Summary of an Advertising Campaign.


1- Communication Objectives: What we are going to do and WHY we are doing our campaign


2- Define the Target Audience or Public aimed: who should be reached by this communicational tool and alternative possible customers segments.


3- Choose the Means: how we are going to get in touch with our target audience and evaluate the communicational potential of the means to choose the right one.


4- Determine the Tone: after defining the layout,the tone of the communication should be chosen according to the link to be established with the concerned public.


5- Channels and Supports: the more suitable channels and supports to best reach the aimed public should be determined according to the research work done, the target audience, the type of campaign designed and the defined tone.


6- Creative Profile: the outlines of the creative ideas expected in the campaign as well as all the recommendations should be given to those who will be working on the creative brief. The campaign should be defined with the creative group in charge of it.


7- Concept: The first thing to be determined is the concept, once the research work has been done and the objectives and outlines defined. It should contain the message that the campaign wants to convey.


8- Single Minded Proposition: SMP is the strategy behind the campaign. It's the arrow that points your creative team in the right direction. You need to summarize everything you have collected. If it is clear, concise and well focused, it will greatly simplify the tasks of the entire team working on the project and will help to harmonize criteria. 


Although in certain circumstances some of these points overlap, it is very useful to define and clarify them individually to enclose in the Brief all the aspects required in a campaign.

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