Press Conference

Press Conference is an activity held at initiative of the Organization to provide information to a selected audience. It requires careful preparation, a large budget (to handle different options) and a perfect analysis of the information that is going to be given.


This tool represents a good way of being connected with the press and of carefully and freely presenting a certain amount of information. As far as its organization is concerned, three questions should be taken into account:


Define location and time. Announce the date of the conference in advance. Find an appropriate place that is convenient and has the facilities required. The location of the press conference should have easy access and adequate sound equipment. Journalists who are invited should be carefully selected.


Prepare the Meeting. When setting up a press conference, written invitations must be sent with the name of the host, the subject, the date and hour of the Conference etc. It is necessary to remind the guests about the event. Prepare support and guidance material   that will help get the message across.


Run the Conference. At first, some of the speakers will present the topic or main features of the conference. Their speeches should not exceed one hour. Then, a set of questions and answers between participants and journalists, coordinated by a Representative of the Organization, will be held. The Moderator will conclude once the debate has finished and invite everybody to join him for a closing cocktail or lunch. (A far more relaxed moment but not less important).


The Press Area work is not finished once the Conference is over. From that moment onwards the analysis of the impact of the event begins, articles that were published after the conference are collected and the Minutes of the Meeting is reread.

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