Internal Climate Survey

The reciprocal interaction among people and the organization they belong to is full of expectations, making it complex and dynamic.


The organization defines its objectives, and each of its members, his own individual ones which will probably not coincide with those of the other members.


Internal Climate Surveys enable to collect key information about the relationship between the organization and its members and carry out a qualitative and quantitative analysis of it, in the context of a particular organizational culture.


The basic objectives of this management tool are the following:


Assess the current state of the internal climate at different levels and areas of the organization.


Identify communication processes that will facilitate the improvement and maintenance of the desired Internal Climate, in terms of employees’ satisfaction and alignment with the organization’s objectives.


Detect the presence of latent conflicts that may compromise the successful performance of the organization.


Identify training needs.


In general, the process of performing an internal climate survey takes place in four stages:


1st stage: Design the questionnaire; 


2nd stage: Implementation of the survey;


 3rd stage: Data Analysis;



 4th stage: Presentation of survey results to the workers.


The survey is performed at all levels of the Organization. The entire staff may be involved or control groups, which represent relevant samples of the current state of internal climate in the whole organization, may be studied. The personal information requested (Age, Sex, Marital Status, Number of Children, etc., and Length of service) is for statistical purposes only.


Finally, it is important to remember that the careful handling of the highly confidential results of the survey ensures the correct use of the information obtained and prevents retaliation for the given answers. 

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