News Sheet

It is a simple and regular publication prepared by an Organization for a selected group of journalists that provides exclusive non-strategic professional information. Thus, the Press Area seeks to keep continuous relationships with a group of members of the professional press.


Some News Sheets become a reference in their field. Journalists use them as documentation and when a major event happens within the sector, they obviously go to that source for further details.


News Sheets should go out every three months. This suggestion should be taken into consideration because once the frequency of the tool is set, it shouldn’t be modified. If the edition time is shorter, it might become a heavy burden for the institution. On the contrary, if they are published less frequently, journalists miss updated information and relationships are worn out.


News Sheets should be as informative as possible, neutral, professional and easy to read. Moreover, the organization that is publishing them must monitor this tool to be aware of their impacts and be ready to answer if journalists require additional information.


The aim is to provide a service to the press beyond the obtained repercussions. Thus, the traditional relationships between Organization and Press are mutually beneficial: the first one provides the information that it intends to convey while maintaining contact with journalists, the second finds it easier to gather information.

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