Press Picture

This tool ensures that a selection of photographs that promote the image of the institution is available for the press. Photo processing differs according to its content:


An informative picture is functional. Its importance lies in keeping a record of an event. It may have been taken by a member of the Organization who is not a professional photographer.


An illustrative photo must have a creative content. It is intended for a widespread use and, therefore, should be designed to evoke the image defined by the institution.


Different Press Pictures can be found in what is known as a picture library. In the same way that a library, a picture library should be properly managed: it should include: classification in chronological order, by subject, by brand, etc. A series of basic photographs comprising pictures of the Organization’s headquarters, portraits of the President and the Member of the Board, a product catalog etc. as well as specific photographs related to Press Campaigns and specific interviews.


When taking the Press picture the budget for this tool and the importance given to it within the Organization should be taken into account. A professional photographer can be hired, who will pay maximum attention to all the details when conducting the shooting. In other cases, an Image Banks (especially in the case of illustrative pictures) which are specialized agencies in thematic areas - space, nature, trips, etc., whose job is to assign the rights of a particular picture to an Institution, are used. Finally, when the budget is tight, a photographer of a media is asked to take the picture but in this case the pictures belong to him and not to the Organization.


Having a careful selection of photographs to be given to the Press or published in internal documents, reduces the time of producing supports of communication and guarantees the quality of the images.

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