Storytelling + Storydoing

Storytelling arose in the context of public relations as a technique that allowed to build a corporate tale that was retold as any other sort of story (movies, novels, advertising, etc.) and is focused on presenting a story about the life of the founders of a particular corporation and the whole process of creation and brand positioning of the company, together with what happened in their lives. 


For a good Storytelling the classical steps for retelling a story should be followed: introduction, body and conclusion. At the beginning, it is advisable to catch people’s attention by presenting information in a context with the necessary information to set it in time and place.


In the body of the story, even though organizations tend to minimize their conflicts, building the conflict and describing the obstacles and challenges, are excellent ingredients for the story because showing the contrast between conflict and solution, has a high impact.


At the end, it is suitable to present a summary of what has happened (which should be simple and short), a kind of moral or lesson that will remain in the mind of the different publics of the organizations.


For this, it is key to add Storydoing: design specific communication actions focused on highlighting the reputation of the company, the brand, the teams and the people that make them up, turning Storytelling into a tangible and experiential action.


In this framework, building attractive narratives from storytelling and putting them into action with storydoing, in person, virtual or hybrid, is essential for the development of an effective communication strategy.


If the outlining of the Storytelling is part of a corporate project, it often helps to increase the quality of communication between employees and managers, creating a process in which people participate enthusiastically. It can be thought of as a great scrapbook where each of the members of the organization provides data, reports, images, etc. to generate a large organizational story. The aim of this type of team work is to help create spaces for a fluid open communication between members of the organization, capturing the key stories, strengthening the links between human resources and promoting the transmission of knowledge and stories related to "best practices" within the organization.


Applications: Design of Corporate Communication Strategy, Internal Communication, Organization Culture Management, Corporate Image Design, Training, etc. 

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