The term Edition has different meanings in different contexts in our language. From the latin word editio, in reference to the preparation for publication or presentation of a literary, artistic, scientific publication, etc; each issued in printed and / or digital and / or audiovisual format.


Edition also means the whole number of impressions or copies of a publication printed from one set type at one time, in its different versions: regional, national, local and neighborhood newspapers. It also refers to a radio or television program as well as the different scheduled events that take place at regular intervals that may or may not be fixed (e.g. conferences, celebrations, awards, etc.).


During editing process a set of communication techniques related to research, storing, processing, design, management and distribution / advertising of written, digital and audiovisual pieces of work of all discourse genre are put into practice.


That process follows basically these stages:


Receipt of Documents: reading or viewing, preparing the first draft and first classification of different materials.


Content Analysis: evaluation of the type of content and possible or probable development contexts.


Content Analysis Report: different formats, channels and supports in which all material received can be integrated and recombined are raised.


Programming contents: Chronological organization of Chapters, Blocks, Sections, Articles, Items, etc.


Contents Programme Development: based on the selected programming the first edition or version “0” (zero), that may go ahead or be restarted according to scope and limits of the work, is launched.


Corrections and Unification of Styles: criteria are unified, aesthetic harmonized, spelling and lexical mistakes are corrected, audio and sounds, lights, brightness contrast, etc. are set.


Development of Complements: selection, design and production of Graphics, Separators, Q&A Module, FAQs, Bibliography, etc.


Assembling the Version “O” (Zero): By that moment a first integrated version of the piece of work in Written/ Video/ Course / Web format already exists.


Layout: At this point the whole is more than the sum of its parts and layout takes place to send it either to be printed / Edition Island / WebHosting, etc.


Promotion/Advertising: the result of the editing process is made public through different means, channels and supports: Newsletters, Trailers, Digital Flyers, etc.


The professional in charge of the Editing Process, the Editor, may perform his job in different positions according to the degree of responsibility he has in the editing process. To do so, knowing both editing techniques in particular and the entire process of project management in general that includes conservation, quality, production, marketing, law (contracts, rights, etc.), distribution, measurement, etc. is of the utmost importance.


Applications: generating Channels and supports such as printed, digital and audiovisual Institutional publications, Project Management, Tenders, Education and Training Programs, Scripts, Web Content, Corporate Manuals (Quality, Ethics, etc), Tutorials, Institutional Videos,  Training Videos, Advertising, Film, Television, Radio, Social Media, etc.

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