Pre-Written Article

This is a newspaper article which follows the basic principles of journalism. The main difference is that the article is commissioned to an Organization by the Editor, who will sign it and publish it.


Both, the Editor in Chief and the Organization representative, must work together and agree on a rigorous schedule, bearing in mind three stages: one for the writing, another one for harmonization and a third one to finish the article.


It is necessary to carefully manage the ambiguity of this tool. It is neither advertising (no financial contribution) nor journalism.


In order to be credible, the article should be complete, objective, provide useful information and never convey an advertising message.


Nonetheless, if the Representative is careful enough to provide clear and accurate information about the different aspects of the Organization, this will be an interesting way of being present in the media, with a prepared speech according to the needs of the Organization in the area of communication.

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