Most of the time, an interview is done on the initiative of one or several journalists seeking more information on a particular topic: current affairs, presentation of the Organization, balance of a transaction, etc.


It is one of the most useful tools since there is a direct relationship between the Press and the Organization, statements are individualized and information can be adapted according to specific needs.


The Press Area should pay attention to all the details during the preparation of an Interview:


First, it will make a review of the knowledge that the journalist has about the Institution and provide additional information that might be necessary.


Second, an executive summary about the mass media that will carry out the interview will be prepared for the representatives of the Organization who will be interviewed. This summary should include data on the average circulation of that media and a record of the relationship with its editorial board.


A reminder with the proposed questions, the most important points to be addressed and the main messages the organization wants to convey, will also be handed to the representatives of the Organization.


During the interview, the representatives of the Organization should be willing to answer all questions, even those which may be annoying. If it is not possible, the precise reasons that prevent them from doing so will be given. Once the interview has been published, the Organization should track the information that appears in the interview related to the organizational discourse.

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