Press Release

Press Release is a concise text that informs about specific current affairs. As there are no guarantees that it will be automatically published and even less, fully broadcasted, it should provide relevant unpublished information so that journalists and the Media that they represent will be interested in publishing it.


The format outline is simple consisting of: the logo of the Organization, a headline (short sentence summarizing the content), a header (no more than one summary paragraph) and the main message. Secondary information will be considered afterwards. The tone of the text will depend on the aimed audience.


The Organization can choose between different options to convey its messageby letter if the information is not urgent, by telephone if the information is short or if reporting a particular event, mainly to journalists who are in the organization’s phone directory or media guide, by mail or through a messenger which is only justified if it is an important and confidential information.


The procedure for information submission should take into account publishing deadlines of the Media to which information will be provided. If possible, it is better to send it in advance; one week before the expected day of publication for daily press and a fortnight in the case of magazines.


The success of the tool is not guaranteed by submitting the information. It is necessary to check that it has arrived properly, in time and respecting the guidelines proposed by the Editor, among other issues.


However, this tool is only a proposal from the Organization to the media and it is important to keep in mind that  the journalist, who gets the information, will finally decide whether it is appropriate to publish it or not.

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