Buzz Monitoring

Buzz Monitoring is a technique used to observe and quickly analyze users or consumers´ behaviors influenced by the new trends in marketing.


The term comes from the English expression meaning information passed around by “word of mouth”.


Buzz monitoring takes place in the context of Marketing Buzz: a new marketing branch (different and complementary to Viral Marketing) that arose with the development of Web 2.0, in which members of virtual communities, bloggers, etc. build a wide "opinion leaders" network that constantly gives advice, analyzes and provides on-line information on many products and services. These opinions set trends because they are taken into account as a reference by millions of web surfers who seek a first -hand review to guide their consumption decisions.


Therefore, the ongoing monitoring of social networks, forums and blogs provide instant information which enables a fast classification of the key subjects so that the areas involved may quickly define lines of action through which the organization will intervene at a lower cost than if other market research tools were used.


One of the advantages that organizations find in the use of Buzz Monitoring is its efficiency when analyzing buyers’ behaviors and forecasting future market opportunities.



The results obtained through the Buzz Monitoring are also very useful for marketing communications management, to evaluate the state of demand for products and services, to identify positive and negative experiences of consumers in general and their customers in particular, and analyze competitors’ performance etc.., in real time.

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