Community Service


When working with the Community, Organizations put together different ways of helping and maintaining people, achieving goals and carrying out projects with the concerned community- its internal customers or neighbors- aiming to enhance its social recognition.


The encouragement of coordinated actions between Organizations and its Communities seeks to develop both creativity and competence to respond to the shared problems and needs by working together. It is a way of integrating all the concerned actors with a broad horizon.


Community Service may set the grounds for:


External Communication: Relationship with the media, Promotions, Direct Marketing Campaigns etc


Internal Communication: as a key to strengthen the bonds between human resources, while reinforcing the relationship with the community to which the Organization belongs.


Working with the Community has the purpose of increasing sensitivity and  motivation, to encourage an active role of organizations, groups  and individuals in the decision making process that will help satisfy the concerned actors ‘needs, which would not be fulfilled if working on their own.


Communication Management in Organizations requires an agreement on values such as solidarity and participation, from all the concerned actors, together with modern techniques and high quality management tools in order to create communication channels to increase the commitment of the whole group.



From our point of view, it presents prolific scenery for the development of all the social actors, who would face their problems trying to meet the interests and values of the surrounding community, instead of facing them from their narrow point of view, seeking to maximize their own benefits.

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