Comunicologos is a self-managed and self-financed Project. To do this our team of researchers work in different networks of universities throughout Latin America in undergraduate and graduate level. In addition, they play in the professional field, enhancing always the necessary synergy between theory and practice.


Their constant work and development is reflected in the updating and revision of the articles of the Encyclopedia, Books, E-books, Digital Notebooks, Papers, Presentations and Conferences.


The Communication Research Lines of our Program are:


1 - Intangibles Management;


2 - Social Media;


3 - Communication, Culture and Gender;


4 - Big Data / Small Data;


5 - Applied Semiotics;


6 - Social Responsibility.


These 6 lines are present in the review of the theories, approaches and classical models in the field of communication, as well as in the new development of ongoing research.


Its cross action impacts both in theoretical and practical levels, in the academic and professional field, which are in constant dialogue in the Knowledge Society.


In research, thesis, corporate communication strategic plans, laws and regulations of the sector and the media in general will remain decisive in the current decade.